03 agosto, 2015

Young Souls

"Follow me blindly into the dark hole
Where our fears will compel us to build a new home,
And with every brick stacked, our fragile sweet love will grow.

Sorrow will fade, we'll share our happiness
Thinking that all we need is right between our trust,
Wishing time won't pass, and the past leaves us alone. 

Still there's something missing.

We're doomed to want,
Fated to crave for more.
Confined by desire,
Our young souls on fire.

There's an itch in my back, can't scratch it.
Can't reach peace, uncertain of what each moment uncurtains,
Every time it's a mystery.
I'm walking blindly writing my destiny, 
Knowing all that I know will be history.

But I'll go my way, smile on my face,
A flame in my soul, won't tame it,
It burns free, I'll embrace it.
Follow the light, follow the sound,
Keep searching for that old pine that Ben found."

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